För industrisektorn är maskiner oerhört viktiga – men nyckeln till framgång, är våra medarbetare.

Happy people gives happy customers!

After all, innovation is not born through machines – it is originated in the human mind.

Happy people

Our focus is to make people happy in our organisation, because we think that happiness is key to well-being and creativity. This is the soil in which entrepreneurship grows, and so does our culture – characterized by entrepreneurship, efficiency, and long-term thinking.

We continuously strive to be the most attractive workplace, building on happiness as we grow – it’s always easier for new individuals to join a group of happy people.

– Magnus Biesse
President & CEO, Inducore AB

Ett större ansvar

We at Axipto have increased our responsibility in the processing chain by also taking care of the supply of material and casting. This has become a reality thanks to our good working partners. Through this very intimate collaboration we can ensure that the finished goods are transported to our own production units for processing. Which in turn means that we also take responsibility for major parts of the logistics.

Hypermodern teknologi

Every year we make extensive investments in new and modern technology. This is a must for us to continue to be a high-tech company. And so that we can step by step improve our competitiveness towards, for example, low-cost countries.

Thanks to the fact that we already have a highly efficient and robotized machinery, as well as motivated and well-trained employees, we can always optimize our production flows. And of course, all of this, together, has significant cost benefits for you as a customer.

Kontakta oss

Atling tillverkar metallprodukter som underleverantör i CNC-styrda maskiner. Företaget är beläget i Ockelbo.